Friday, September 20, 2013

VBS in Creole

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We had the opportunity to run VBS for 54 orphans at Grace Village today. The children don't start school until October 1st and eagerly engaged in our activities. We shared the story of creation and it was translated in Creole. The children became even more alert when we did a few art activities including magic modeling clay, creating a banner for the orphanage and made gospel bracelets. We were all sweating in the 95 degree/100% humid room with no air conditioning. I plan to never complain about weather conditions or a hot office again. Next stop was at Isaiah's Orphanage, then Olson's and the Shalom House where we brought more food from Feed Our Starving Children. How good it is to serve the Lord. Thank you for your prayers. Teri

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Not Enough Arms!

Greetings from Haiti where we finished our first day bringing clean water, hugs, eye contact and love to the poorest neighborhood in Citie Soleil. Children ran to the truck when we arrived and asked us to pick them up. At times I was holding two children in my arms with a couple hanging on my legs. There were children no older than my granddaughter Abigail (2 1/2) unattended and walking in the street barefoot, some with grey mucous in their nose.  There were little children carrying babies but not many parents around.  I felt a moment of satisfaction when I put the two children down and played patty cake with all of them. Then we started singing Jesus Loves the Little children and many more came over and tried to learn some of the words. The most heartbreaking experience of the day is when a young woman asked us to take her baby.It was difficult saying good-bye when we ran out of water but rewarding to refill our truck and service 2 more villages. Thank you for your prayers, Teri