Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 4 An education

Today we got an early start. We attended an early morning prayer service at the Tent Church.
Many locals attend this service before going off to work for the day. In many ways, the experience was uniquely Haitian. There was a great deal of movement in the congregation as the preachers inspired the congregation with prayer and music accompanied by a drummer, keyboard and an electric guitar. Afterwards we enjoyed a magnificent sunrise while perched on a ledge overlooking the city below.
Next stop was the Apparent Project. The artisans utilize discarded materials to create jewelry, metalwork, pottery and clothing.  Purchases empower the artisans to support their families while their children are cared for on site.
Next came a visit to the National Museum of Haiti in Port-au-Prince. Originally constructed as a memorial resting place for the four founders of modern Haiti, it was converted to a museum in 1983. Highlights include a permanent exhibit detailing some key points in Haitian history as well as artifacts and artwork.
Lastly, a visit to Notre Dame des Victoires Orphanage. We played, did arts and crafts,jumped rope and did yoga with the children. Outside, a game of soccer was a highlight. The children had a great time!
Home to the guesthouse, where a Haitian feast awaited us. Rice and beans, chicken, root vegetables and plantains. Delicious!
Tom and Melinda

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