Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day 2: Water Truck Day - Siena & Abi

               Today was day two; we started off with good breakfast and a typical morning to a very non-typical day. The first thing we did was go to the water truck station, once we got there they told us the water truck was broken and in typical Haiti fashion, our plans changed. We headed off to hope church and school and learned a little bit about its history; so far, they provide kindergarten and an adult schooling program and are changing the environment day by day. After that we finally headed off to our first water truck station. As we drove we noticed our surroundings getting worse and worse. Once we had arrived in a very poor spot, we got out and were immediately surrounded by children who were longing to be loved. As others helped pour and carry the water we held as many children as we could. The joy on their faces when we picked them up and gave them attention was indescribably impactful. The more children we picked up the more others wanted to be and it seemed like they were never ending. We experienced the same type of thing at the other two stops. The more time we spent growing attached to the children the harder it was to say goodbye. However, being able to make them happy, just for a small portion of their day, was a beautiful thing. We left exhausted and heartbroken that we could not stay with them, but joyful that we could be a source of love and compassion in their difficult situations. Today was a day that we will never forget; a day that not only humbled us, but truly changed us.

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