Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day 4 - Titanyen

Day 4 - 

Today was a more relaxed day, but nonetheless, was a blessing for everyone. We started the day with a delicious French toast breakfast. After that, we headed out to the city of Titanyen to visit Grace Village. Grace village is both a home and school for children of all ages. We saw how much progress it had made from the year before! There were many more students then last year, and they also had started a new garden for growing crops. 
 Next, we visited the elders. We brought them a meal and juice, washed their feet, and sung with them. Unaware, while washing the first group of elder’s feet, we applied “wash and shampoo” instead of the lotion we were supposed to be using. (We did find the lotion.)  The elders loved it nonetheless.
After that we went to the Grace Village bakery, which smelled amazing. It was called “Fleri.” And it happened to have perhaps the best cookies we had ever eaten. Their staple product was called the “lengue de boeuf,” or “cow tongue.” It earned this name due to the rough texture of the sugar on top. The cookie consisted of layers of fluffy, crispy pastry, and was topped with *just* enough sweet sugar to add flavor. They were VERY good. We also learned that we were to go there for dinner the next day to eat pizza, and we are all stoked for that.
Lastly, on the way back to the guesthouse, we visited the mass grave site of the 2010 earthquake. One of our drivers told his short story of where he was when the earthquake happened. We walked around and looked at everything, including the little lizards that ran around in the rocks. The monument was a reminder of the terrible events that happened here seven years ago.
And even though we enjoyed nice cookies and nice company, the most important part was how God worked in everyone’s life today. We all agreed that God’s blessing towards others was very apparent today. In Grace Village, hundreds of children receive a home, an education, and daily food, which is more than most Haitian kids get. The elders received much attention and care, and are continually provided for through sponsorship and other Healing Haiti teams visiting them. The bakery provides jobs for Haitians in the community. These things spoke to our hearts, and showed us that God loves us, no matter what physical conditions we are in.
It was a good day, But we still are pretty tired. We thank you for all of your prayers, and we ask that you would continue to pray, that we can glorify God most through our work, and that what we do tomorrow on our Friday water truck day helps as many people as possible.

-Iain and Karsten Anderson

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