Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 3

Day 3 -
Today we had pancakes for breakfast. They were delicious. Then we went to Dari’s, an orphanage for the disabled, while some people went to The Home for Sick and Dying Children. At Dari’s we had fun playing with children who had disabilities. We pushed them in wheelchairs and gave them toys to play with. The people who went to The Home for Sick and Dying Children played with the kids, held them, and fed them lunch. Our whole group met up and went back to the guest house to relax for a bit. Soon after, we went to Laphere, another orphanage, and played soccer, and jump roped with the kids. Once back at the guest house, we went to the nearby pool. At the pool, we swam and relaxed. We watched Barcelona comeback and score 6 goals after a four goal deficit against PSG(soccer). It will go down in history as one of the greatest soccer comebacks. Later that night, we had tacos for supper that were very delectable. Some kids had the opportunity to go play soccer with the neighborhood kids. The kids were very good at soccer. We came back, and now we are here writing this.

Levi A. Button and Ben H. Horn 

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