Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day 6
As we approached our last full day in Haiti, our hearts were filled with the desire to make one last impact. Sad the trip was coming to an end, our group made the best out of the time we had left. Originally, we had planned to go to Gertrude's, an orphanage for disabled children, but as we quickly learned, in Haiti plans can change with no warning. We saw how God works in mysterious ways today, as we were able to visit Dios Orphanage, another orphanage for disabled children. Although the first steps off of the tap-tap felt a bit overwhelming, we soon realized that there was no need to worry. We were able to connect with the children through playing games, drawing, and laughing. Through the barriers of language and their disabilities, we realized that no matter what the situation may be, God helps us to form meaningful relationships with his children. It didn’t take long to realize that though these children live in a third world country, they were all well taken care of and loved very much. 

After we visited Dios Orphanage, we were able to visit Papillon Enterprise, a business consisting of a cafe, gift shop and factory, which aims to both teach parents how to care for their children and provide them with a steady source of income. Papillion Enterprise aims to “provide hope [to Haitians] through the dignity of a job, training, and the ability to create something new out of something discarded and seemingly useless.” After relaxing at the cafe we took a quick swim once again and the boys headed back to play soccer with the local neighborhood kids. They wanted us to tell you that is was “a very very close game” though, the score was 6-8 so we will let you be the judge of that. Playing soccer is yet another way we can connect with others without the ability to communicate through language. Whether it be through kicking a ball back and forth, or through the universal understanding of joy, we know we made an impact in their lives and they made an impact in ours as well. 

Bondye beniĆ³u,
Heather and Sage

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